Afternoon Bonanza

52 500 $

Evening Bonanza

54 1000 $

Odd Ball

47 900 $

Matinee Even Steven

49 599 $

Book Your Party


Please call the bingo hall three days in advance to book your party. We only accept reservations during business office hours, you mush talk to an employee from the bingo hall to book party. All members in the party receive a dauber and coupon. You may bring in your own cake or desert for only those people who are part of your booked party.
Birthday Policy: You may receive a free admission package at all sessions played at our hall on your birthday. If you cannot attend our sessions on the actual date of your birthday, we do allow you to receive this same privilege either the day before or the day after your birthday.


Good clean fun with non-profits orgs!

All profits from the Tapemark Charity operations are donated directly to four local organizations serving people with developmental disabilities. The Arc of Minnesota, Arc Greater Twin Cities, Living Well Disability Services, and Pro-Act Inc.

The management and staff of the West Saint Paul Bingo Palace would like to thank longtime customers for their loyal support!


Pull Tabs Full Service Concessions ATM Machine

1675 Robert St. West St. Paul

Across from Rainbow Foods and behind Party City between Wentworth & Lothenbach Avenues.

Call (651)450-9714 for an updated message on the status of our progressives and specials.




The Arc



MATINEES: 2PM every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

$10 Admission Package
$5 Each Additional Pkg.

Available Nightly at all Super Sessions

*$1,199 "ODD BALL"
Progressive with $150 Consolation

*$1,000 Bonanza Progressive
with Guaranteed Nightly Payout of $249

*$500 to $1,000 Guaranteed Jackpot

*$5 Packs Tuesday & Thursday

*Payouts on all 2-part regular games are $50 & $99